AG-Sense is a company specializing in providing solution for remote control and transferring data in the agricultural and automotive fields.
The company was incorporated in Israel in 2011, and began the marketing of our location- based services and products on the year after.
We believe we are a leading provider in the market of location based devices as we provide a unique service of both a location tracking device, and a fleet control and management services, with an emphasis on the agricultural and automotive fleets.
The company's products and services are based on the following:

  • GPS / GPRS technology
  • IT services, which provides the customer with an optimal, unique mobile Application; with custom made settings according to the needs and requests of each customer. This provides full protection, monitoring, control and management tools.

Our innovative and reliable cloud based software is practically a machine to machine, or to use the new term - IoT (Internet of Things) , which suggests a transition in the evolution of connected devices with accelerating scale and scope, as well as a higher focus on interoperability.
IoT puts a bigger emphasis on the integrations of sensors, devices and information systems across industry verticals and organizations to transform operations enable new business models.

AG-Sense's main activity:

  • A protective system for agricultural tools, agricultural machinery, forklifts, tractors and bulldozers (construction equipment), off-road vehicles and towed equipment.
  • Protective system for truck fleets.
  • Remote sensing system, which allow the users to remotely control parameters such as temperature and humidity.

It is our commitment and market - focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, increase efficiencies, improve resource utilization and minimize fraud.

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