Who we are

Since 2011, AG-Sense has been a leading provider of unique location-based services and solutions for remote control and transferring of big data for the banking, agricultural and fleet industries. Our solutions are geared towards safeguarding and protecting equipment. Information is transferred from sensors to a cloud server and analyzed using our own smart self-learning algorithms. Our Decision Supporting System (DSS) simplifies the information for the user enabling quick and informative decisions.

Following the cloud analysis, the information is presented in our Smart Operations Management System adapted to each customer’s requirements. Recently we have introduced our IoT Security Platform Solutions for ATM’s to identify and track card skimming and PIN copying.

The company’s products and services are based on the following:

  • GPS / GPRS technology IT services, which provides the customer with an optimal, unique mobile application. Custom made settings are according to the needs and requests of each customer. This provides full protection, monitoring, and control and management tools.
  • Our innovative and reliable cloud-based IoT (Internet of Things) solutions follow the transition in the evolution of connected devices with accelerating scale and scope, as well as a higher focus on interoperability. IoT puts a bigger emphasis on the integrations of sensors, devices and information systems across industry verticals and organizations to transform operations enable new business models.

Our Commitment

Our unique and wide range of solutions for multiple markets is paramount to our success.

It is our commitment to a market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, increase efficiencies, improve resource utilization and minimize fraud, and most important, build trust.

Our customer needs are a first priority. The Ag-Sense team is highly skilled at providing customers with solutions to match their exact needs and to provide accessible customer support.

Alon Ben Zvi
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Mr. Ben Zvi, with over 22 years of international business experience is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AG-Sense.

He serves as the CTO and oversees the daily management of the company. He has extensive experience in project management and systems development with a broad vision of identifying new projects and adapting them to customer needs. Part of Alon’s expertise is in IoT, a field that transfers and gathers information between sensors and a network of computers. Prior to founding AG-Sense, he was Vice President, Project Management at OTI and NFC Manager at the company.

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Gil Aizner
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Mr. Aizner, with more than 20 years of extensive experience in international sales and marketing, is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of AG-Sense.

Gil is responsible for the company’s business development, sales and marketing. He has expert knowledge in the fields of irrigation and agriculture, pharma and M2M in Israel, EU and Africa working for leading Israeli in companies prior to founding AG-Sense.


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