Each AG-Sense sensor solution is supported by our cloud based IoT Smart Operations Management System. Each system is adapted for the client needs through the IoT platform so you can connect what’s important to your business. By connecting all sensors to the system, whether they are at the bank, in the field, in the storage tank or in a vehicle, the AG-Sense platform can help you keep track of your assets in real-time, 24/7.

IoT in a Box

Measure what is important for your business. AG-Sense Smart Operations Management System measures the amount of liquids in storage tanks: water, diesel, gasoline, oil, fertilizer, sewage, urea, etc. What is unique about our solution is the ease of installation and ease of tank calibration, even remotely. With the assistance of the smart system data is easily accessible in real-time, 24/7.

Secure Asset Tracking

Know the status of your assets at all times. AG-Sense Smart Operations Management System monitors where your equipment is and how it is being used.  Motion sensors alert of unauthorized use of equipment. Just as important, is the safety of children in automobiles. The sensors installed in the vehicle constantly monitor the vehicle. The fully automatic safety system, connected to an emergency network is activated when the vehicle is turned off and locked. If an emergency is detected, alerts are transmitted to a call center and parents for immediate response and rescue.

Anti-Theft & Fraud Prevention

Receive immediate alerts if a system breach is detected. AG-Sense Smart Operations Management System monitors ATM banking machines and business/home safes. As soon as a breach is detected by the sensors, the system receives an alert in real-time, 24/7. Our multi-purpose solution exposes felonious attacks, such as – skimming, shimming or ATM black box attack – preventing costly damage for ATM operators and banks.

Personnel Management

The AG-Sense Android and iOS application for personnel management is a necessary tool for any company to keep and manage personnel records of employees, as well as fleet vehicles and equipment. The app is installed locally on the mobile phone or equipment itself. Data, such as name, date, work hours, locations, fuel usage, travel time and distance, etc., is collected and consolidated into a streamlined report, all in one accessible place. The app settings can be defined for a wide range of functions or processes in a single platform.

Environmental Protection

Damage to storage tanks can be dangerous if they are not detected early enough. If there is damage to a storage tank, the AG-Sense Smart Operations Management System receives an automatic alert from the security and monitoring system. A tank that is damaged can cause an environmental hazard. Environmental Protection Agencies impose high fines for polluting the environment.

How can we improve your business processes?


ATM skimming, a major global security concern for ATM Banking systems, is on the rise. This method is used by criminals to capture data from the magnetic stripe on the back of an ATM card.


The AG-Sense Security and Monitoring System (AGS-9/S-F) for all types of Immobile and Mobile Tanks including water, fuel and fertilizer tanks has the unique capability of transmitting notifications about tank theft in real time and at especially high resolution.


As a farmer, you need to know what is happening in your fields all the time and in real-time – 24/7. You need to know where your machines are, what they are doing, and what the performance output is.

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