AGS-ATM 2.0 BY Ag-Sense IoT Security Platform Solution

ATM skimming, a major global security concern for ATM Banking systems, is on the rise. This method is used by criminals to capture data from the magnetic stripe on the back of an ATM card. By strategically attaching or positioning cameras and other imaging devices to ATMs, PIN numbers are fraudulently captured. Once captured, the electronic data is put onto a fraudulent card and the captured PIN is used to withdraw money from accounts.

Our Solutions

Since consumer loyalty and trust is so important today, AG-Sense is committed to help its customers achieve results with its proven AGS-ATM 2.0 Anti Skimming IoT security platform solution sensor system.  At the first indication of a breach, the system transfers the information to the cloud where it is analyzed by our uniquely developed smart algorithms. The algorithms ascertain the environment in which the sensors are installed and successfully analyze the information to immediately act on fraudulent events. It is the ultimate solution for both Bank ATMs and Non-Bank ATMs.


Following the cloud analysis, the information is presented in our Smart Operations Management System. Remote tracking is available 24/7 – know exactly what’s happening at the ATM and in real-time. Quick action notifies and protects the consumer at the first indication of a breach. The system has proved itself in dozens of skimming events in the last few years. Saves money for the bank



AGS-ATM 2.0 Anti Skimming is a unique stand-alone IoT Security Platform Solution which consists of a controller, card entry slot, ATM interface protection and GPS ability.  IoT Security Platform Solutions for ATM’s to identify and track card skimming and PIN copying immediately identifies the fraud performed by skimming cards and user’s PIN Code on ATMs and Self-Service Terminals.

  • Monitor, alert and control ATM equipment with direct connectivity and alerts to the user.
  • 24/7 real-time web based GPS location with tracking ability.
  • Identify card frauds, skimming, shimming and trapping, keyboard overlay devices. Compatible with top-leading OEM ATM brands, such as NCR, Wincor, and Diebold.
  • Generates real-time alerts to server and IOS/Android ATM dashboard app.
  • Optional remote ATM power management and shutdown feature.
  • User friendly, easy to install and cost effective. A money-saver for the banks and credit/debit card issuers.



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As a farmer, you need to know what is happening in your fields all the time and in real-time – 24/7. You need to know where your machines are, what they are doing, and what the performance output is.


The AG-Sense Security and Monitoring System (AGS-9/S-F) for all types of Immobile and Mobile Tanks including water, fuel and fertilizer tanks has the unique capability of transmitting notifications about tank theft in real time and at especially high resolution.


Since 2011, AG-Sense has been a leading provider of unique location-based services and solutions for remote control and transferring of big data for the banking, agricultural and fleet industries.

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