AG-Sense Agri IoT

As a farmer, you need to know what is happening in your fields all the time and in real-time – 24/7. You need to know where your machines are, what they are doing, and what the performance output is. AG-Sense technology brings together Agriculture and IoT, providing farmers with Real Time data analytics for Precision Agriculture and empowering them to make the right decisions.

AG-Sense Agri IoT integrates our latest AGS-9S System unit which was developed to withstand tough environmental conditions and specializes in the optimization of collected data in the agricultural sector. The automated cloud-based system measures, collects, monitors and analyzes information from different sensors to ensure farmers can make better decisions, each according to their needs and at different points of time.

Our Solutions

Following high resolution data analysis from the AGS-9S IoT platform, our Smart Operations Management System, provides farmers with real time analytics for precision agriculture:

  • Know what goes on in your field at any given moment and accelerate reaction times.
  • Monitor the machinery and workforce through the combination of our Smart GPS/GNSS tracking information analytic algorithms, different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities and machinery.
  • Analyze the data and compare current data with historical data.
  • Make the right decisions


Technology Saves Costs

AG-Sense specializes in the optimization of collected big data. AGS-9S Agri IoT System Unit has already been successfully integrated into fields and orchards in Israel and after more than five years and successful pilots, we are ready to offer our solution to the global arena.



How can we improve your business processes?


ATM skimming, a major global security concern for ATM Banking systems, is on the rise. This method is used by criminals to capture data from the magnetic stripe on the back of an ATM card.


The AG-Sense Security and Monitoring System (AGS-9/S-F) for all types of Immobile and Mobile Tanks including water, fuel and fertilizer tanks has the unique capability of transmitting notifications about tank theft in real time and at especially high resolution.


Since 2011, AG-Sense has been a leading provider of unique location-based services and solutions for remote control and transferring of big data for the banking, agricultural and fleet industries.

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